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Braised Beef Cheeks | Pak Choi Bacon Mash | Port Wine Sauce

Sandy Bohm Simply Recipes
Sandy Bohm Simply Recipes

Ingredients | Beef Cheeks

1.8kg beef cheeks

600g onion, peeled and sliced

400g carrot, peeled and sliced

60g garlic

600g celery, sliced

100ml olive oil

Salt and grated pepper

35g thyme

220g leek, sliced

500ml plum wine

500ml port wine

2liter demi glace sauce

1liter chicken broth

Ingredients | Parsley Bacon Mash Potato

1kg potato mash

150g bacon

150g onion peeled and sliced

20g garlic

10ml olive oil

60g fresh parsley

500g sweetbread (see separate recipe)

Rocket leaves

Ingredients | Sweetbread

500g veal sweetbread, cooked

150g panko bread crumbs

150g flour

3 eggs

Method | Beef Cheeks

Take the beef cheeks take them and fry them in a hot pan until they are brown. Take them out and add the carrots, celery, leek and the onions. Fry them in a hot pan for around 5-8 minutes. Then add the garlic and the thyme and fry everything for 2 more minutes and then finally add the beef cheeks. Add the plum- and the port wine, the chicken stock as well as the demi-glace and braise everything slowly for 2 hours until the cheeks are soft and tender. Afterwards take the beef cheeks carefully out of the sauce and pass the sauce through a fine sieve. Season it carefully with salt and pepper and put the sauce back on the stove to reduce it. After the sauce has been reduced add the beef cheeks and keep it warm.

For the potato mash, use 600g of cooked hot potatoes which are already mashed ready to use. Slice the bacon and fry it and then add the onions and the garlic. Add everything to the potato mash, season it and add the parsley at the end, keep it warm.

For the fried Sweetbread first cook the veal sweetbread only in water with a slight bit of seasoning for around 5-10 minutes. Afterwards cool them down, season them and then take flour, eggs and breadcrumbs and crumb them. Then put them in the deep fryer and fry them until they are golden brown.

Place everything on the plate as shown on the picture and finish the dish with a few rocket leaves.