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Caesar Salad | Ballantine Of Chicken | Poached Egg | Crispy pancetta

Sandy Bohm Simply Recipes

Ingredients | Caesar Salad

8 chicken legs – broken down

6 hard boiled eggs

200g grated Parmesan

1 liter of duck fat

250ml Madeira sauce

3 leaves gelatin

100g pistachio nuts

½ bunch of chopped tarragon


garlic croutons

poached egg (1 per person)

baby gem

Ingredients | Caesar Dressing

1 clove finely chopped garlic

½ tbs English mustard

200ml olive oil

½ lemon zest

2 tbs lemon juice

20g finely chopped anchovies

3 tbs tarragon vinegar

4 tbs grated parmesan

2 egg yolks

Salt and Pepper

Method | Caesar Salad

For the Ballantine take the chicken legs together with some garlic, thyme and bay leaves. Put everything in a cooking pot and add the duck fat.

Cook it gently until it is soft. Take it out and cool it down. Pick the chicken leg, grate the hard-boiled egg, add the Parmesan, 100g roasted pistachio nuts, chopped tarragon and mix it all together. Reheat the Madeira sauce, add the gelatin leaves and add it to the chicken mix. Take 3 layers of clean film and put the mixture on it. Gently roll the mixture inside the clean film so you get a firm roll. Put the roll in the fridge.

To prepare the poached egg, take the egg and put it in hot water with vinegar. Cook it for around 3 minutes so the egg yolk is still soft.

To prepare the Caesar salad use the baby gem leaves and mix it together with the dressing. To place the salad in the center of the plate use a round cut ring. Cut 2 slices of the Ballantine and put it on top. Onto the Ballantine you put the poached egg. Take the ring off and then for decoration take 2 pieces of the crispy pancetta put it in the middle. For the finish drizzle some Caesar dressing around.

Method | Caesar Dressing

Blend all ingredients together and slowly add the olive oil. Adjust seasoning and chill.