Caviar Menu


Trilogy of fresh made scramble egg with your choice of black pearls,
served with blinis and sour cream

Your choice or the whole selection of pearls served with
homemade blinis and traditional condiments

Pan fried scallops with truffle cauliflower mash and
herb verbena your choice of black pearls


Chilled white potato soup with black caviar of
your choice and Alba truffle oil

Green Peas and garden spinach soup with poached lobster medallion
and black pearls


Fresh made beef tartar served in a vanilla brioche
with lemon verbena and black pearls

Royal caviar burger with your choice of black pearls served
with shallots, herbs, eggs and tartar sauce

Main Courses

Beluga fish ravioli with white tomato velouté

Pan-fried fillet of sea bass with judion beans,
apple sultana strudel and smoked paprika sauce

Mild spicy glazed salmon fillet with Thai basil green pea
and roasted bell pepper risotto


Strawberry tiramisu with lychee caviar oil

Traditional crepe suzette with your choice of ice cream
and sweet melon caviar