Ingredients | Chocolate Shortcake

Chocolate Banana Shortcake

Ingredients | Chocolate Shortcake

12g chocolate biscuit

5ml sugar syrup (water boiled with sugar)

80g Bourbon chocolate crème (see separate recipe)

16g banana biscuit (see separate recipe)

25g banana crème (see separate recipe)

40g glassage (see separate recipe)

8g chocolate glaze

10g chocolate crumble (see separate recipe)

Fresh raspberry

Fresh mint


Ingredients | Chocolate biscuit

13 eggs

320g sugar

320g flour

80g cocoa powder

40ml vegetable oil

Ingredients | Glassage

600g confectionery cream 35,1% fat

400g sugar

80g cocoa powder

12g gelatin

80g butter

Ingredients | Bourbon Crème With Chocolate

120ml confectionery cream 35,1% fat

140g chocolate

70g egg yolk

50g egg

80g sugar

25ml water

18g gelatin

560ml whipped cream

4g vanilla powder

Ingredients | Chocolate Crumble

385g butter

520g flour

65g cocoa powder

190g sugar 

Ingredients | Banana biscuit

80g egg white

50g sugar

250g almond flour

250g icing sugar

7 eggs

240g banana, peeled

120g butter

Ingredients | Banana Crème

680g banana, peeled

160g sugar

160g almond paste

6g gelatin

20ml lemon juice

85g Havana Club white rum

Method | Chocolate Banana Shortcake

Put chocolate biscuit into the mould and soak it with syrup. Put Bourbon crème on and banana biscuit on top. Spread frozen banana crème then Bourbon crème and again banana biscuit. Finish with one layer of Bourbon crème. Glaze the cake and decorate it with chocolate crumbles, fresh raspberry and coulis.

Method | Chocolate biscuit

Beat eggs together with sugar to the foam, add flour and cocoa powder, stir quickly. Form a sheet and bake at 200°С for 10-12 minutes.

Method | Bourbon Crème With Chocolate

Soak gelatin with water. Bring water together with sugar to 118°С. Beat eggs and egg yolks till thick. Then add sugar syrup while continuing beating. Keep whisking till the mixture cool down. Bring 120g of cream to boil and mix with melted chocolate. Pour gelatin into the eggs, stir and add cream with chocolate. Put vanilla powder. When the mixture is cold add whipped into the crème then whisk till smooth.

Method | Banana Crème

Soak gelatin with water. Crush bananas into pieces. Put sugar onto bananas and place into a pan and warm it up. Add almond paste and warm up again. Turn the heat off then add gelatin and lemon juice. Add white rum and mix it.

Method| Banana biscuit

Beat egg whites and icing powder till thick. Add almond flour into eggs and mix till a smooth paste. Then put crashed bananas. Slowly add beaten egg whites divided in portions and hot clarified butter in the end. Pour the mixture into the mould and bake at 180°С for 12-15 minutes. Set to cool down.

Method | Chocolate Crumble

Mix all ingredients together put them on plastic sheet and put to a fridge for several hours. Cut into little pieces 1x1cm size then bake 180°С for 15-20 minutes.

Method | Glassage

Bring sugar to caramel, add hot cream divided into small portions, cook till caramel is melted. Put sieved cocoa powder and butter, cook 5 more minutes. Place soaked gelatin, mix and pass through chinois.