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Smoked Salmon | Salmon Tartar | Lemon Sour Cream | Beluga Caviar

Sandy Bohm Simply Recipes

Ingredients | Duet Of Salmon

30 slices of smoked salmon

1kg of fresh salmon

1 bunch of chives

1 bunch of dill

2 Spanish cucumber

5 shallots finely chopped

Spanish paprika

Salt and Pepper

2 lemon (juice)

3tbs capers

60g black caviar

Sour cream

Method | Duet Of Salmon

Slice the smoked salmon and place the slices in the centre of the plate. Place them that you have a round circle. Then take the fresh salmon and cut the skin of and the grey meat. Cut the salmon in fine cubes, around 3mm x 3mm and then put it on ice to keep it cold.

Peel the cucumbers and cut it in half, take the seeds out and slice the cucumber in half moons. Put them on a tray and keep them in the freezer until they are frozen. Afterwards take the fresh salmon cubes, add the shallots, chopped chives, Spanish paprika, salt and pepper, chopped capers and a little bit of lemon juice and mix everything together. Now you have the salmon tartar.

Take a cut ring, put the salmon tartar inside. Leave a bit of space on top and add the sour cream on top. Take now the cucumber out o the freezer, defrost them slightly and decorate them on top like a rose. Add the caviar and a string of dill and place the ring in the centre of the smoked salmon of the plate.