Ice Cream Flavors

Saffron with caramelized orange
Smoked pumpkin and cinnamon
Assorted garden herbs with orange marmalade
Goats’ cheese with fig compote and truffle oil
Honey truffle with melted gorgonzola
Lavender and plum wine
Kaffir lime and sweet chili
Sweet melon and ginger
Chocolate chip with thyme and pistachio
Mango ice cream with star fruit and pineapple chutney
Spiced passion fruit with pickle ginger and Thai basil
Marzipan and Armagnac
Strawberry and rose pepper with aged balsamic
Sea salt and caramel
Wasabi and mint
Beetroot and coriander
Smoked garlic and cinnamon
White chocolate with caramelized rice crisp’s
Mascarpone with coco banana jam
Parsley and vanilla bean

Sorbet Flavors

Chocolate and chili
Pineapple and coconut rum
Lemon and coriander
Tomato and black pepper
Wild papaya and belimbi
Cucumber and dill
Mint and honey
Green mango and cloves
Gun powder tea with caramelize lemon zest
Tamarind and cherry tomato with star anise