Island Treasures Shortcake

Sandy Bohm Island Treasures Shortcake

Ingredients | Island Treasures Shortcake

1 jelly tablet for cakes (see separate recipe)

6g coconut almond biscuit (see separate recipe)

45g chocolate nougatines mousse (see separate recipe)

5g glassage

Passion fruit

Ingredients | Jelly Tablet

445g mango puree

445g passion fruit puree

90g sugar

22g gelatin

Ingredients | Chocolate Nougatines Mousse 

220ml confectionary cream 35,1% fat

365g chocolate

8g gelatin

440ml confectionary cream 35,1% fat

55g caramel hazel nuts

Ingredients | Coconut Almond Biscuit 

10 egg whites

285g sugar

230g icing sugar

60g flour

135g almond flour

160g coconut shavings

Method | Island Treasures Shortcake

Fulfill half of the mould with chocolate mousse. Place frozen jelly in the centre and biscuit on top. Freeze it. Spray chocolate glaze all over the dessert and dip the base part into glassage.

Method | Jelly Tablet

Mix puree and sugar and bring to boil. Add melted gelatin, stir. Put in moulds and put in a fridge till harden.

Method | Chocolate Nougatines Mousse 

Make ganache out of 220ml of cream and chocolate by heating up the cream and as soon as it starts to boil take it out of the heat. Add melted chocolate. Stir ganache till smooth and add melted gelatin. Whisk 440ml of cream and put into mixture when it’s cold. Make caramel hazel nuts by cooking sugar till caramel. Dip nuts into caramel and them place on a silicon paper too cool down. Chop very small and add to mousse.

Method | Coconut Almond Biscuit

Beat egg whites and sugar till thick and carefully pour in sieved flour and coconut shavings. Place in mould and bake at 160°С for 12-15 minutes.