Mozart Cake

Sandy Bohm Mozart Cake

Ingredients | Mozart Cake

115g Sacher biscuit (see separate recipe)

30g cherry liquor

410g praline crème (see separate recipe)

225g pistachio crème (see separate recipe)

200g glassage

Fresh raspberry

Ingredients | Pistachio Crème

300ml milk

4 yolks

100g pistachio paste

100g marzipan paste

50ml cherry liquor

420ml confectionery cream 35,1% fat

Ingredients | Sacher Biscuit

515g Sacher mix

12 eggs

125ml water

140g chocolate

Ingredients | Praline Crème

18g gelatin

3 eggs

4 egg yolks

85g sugar

80g praline

540ml confectionery cream 35,1% fat

95g caramel hazel nuts

Method | Mozart Cake

Wrap the ring with a foil, lay out clingfilm inside and fulfill 2/3 par of the mould with praline crème. In the centre, place frozen pistachio crème.

Then again put   praline crème and liquored biscuit on top. Glaze with chocolate and decorate with fresh raspberry, mint and coulis.

Method | Pistachio Crème

In a bain marie, beat yolks, milk, sugar and salt at 82-85° С. When mixture is smooth and thick add melted gelatin, stir and pistachio and marzipan paste, food color and liquor. Beat well and set to cool down.  Pour in lightly beaten cream divided in several parts. Then mix till homogenous consistency. Freeze it.

Method | Sacher Biscuit

Mix eggs, water, vegetable oil and Sacher mix. Add melted chocolate and blend at a medium speed for 2-4 minutes. Put mixture into paper lined pan and level it out. Bake at 170°С during 20-25 minutes.

Method | Praline Crème

In a bain marie, whisk eggs, yolks and sugar till smooth. Add melted gelatin, praline, nuts and mix it all together. Then part by part add lightly beaten cream.