Raspberry Charlotte

Sandy Bohm Chocolate Raspberry Charlotte

Ingredients | Chocolate Raspberry Charlotte 

15g pistachio biscuit (see separate recipe)

20g raspberry jelly (see separate recipe)

15g chocolate-raspberry mousse (see separate recipe)

40g vanilla jelly (see separate recipe)

Fresh raspberry and currant

5g glassage (see separate recipe)

Raspberry coulis

Caramel decorations

Ingredients | Raspberry Jelly

615g raspberry puree

300g sugar

80g gelatin

Ingredients | Pistachio Biscuit

1 egg

9 pc. egg white

3 pc. egg yolk

400g sugar

120g cornstarch

60g pistachio paste

250g pistachio, peeled

Ingredients | Glacage

600g confectionery cream 35,1% fat

400g sugar

80g cocoa powder

12g gelatin

80g butter


Ingredients | Chocolate Raspberry Mousse

130ml confectionery cream 35,1% fat

120g glucose syrup

180g raspberry puree

285g bitter chocolate

20g raspberry liquor

7g gelatin

400ml confectionery cream 35,1% fat

Ingredients | Vanilla Jelly

355ml milk

135g sugar

4-5 egg yolks

2g vanilla extract

10g gelatin

520ml confectionery cream 35,1% fat

Method | Chocolate Raspberry Charlotte 

Fulfill silicone mold for one half with vanilla jelly. Place raspberry jelly and then mousse on top and a biscuit in the end. Freeze. Before serving take the dessert out of the mold and decorate with glassage and caramel decorations. Use also raspberry, currant and coulis.

Method | Raspberry Jelly

Combine puree and sugar then bring to boil. Add soaked gelatin and mix.

Method | Pistachio Biscuit

Combine an egg, yolks with 200g sugar, beat and then add cornstarch and pistachio paste. Whisk other 200g of sugar and egg white. Carefully mix two mixtures and add chopped roasted pistachio. Put on a silicone baking sheet and bake at 180°С for 15-17 minutes. Chill out and take off the sheet.

Method | Chocolate Raspberry Mousse

Warm up 130ml cream and glucose syrup till 60°С. Add soaked gelatin. Melt chocolate and pour into warmed cream. Cool down and add 400g lightly beaten cream. Mix till smooth.

Method | Vanilla Jelly

Bring to boil milk and vanilla. Beat egg yolks and sugar till white foam. Combine two mixtures and cook till 85°С in a bain marie. Add soaked gelatin. Pass and cool down. Add whisked cream and mix till homogenous consistency.

Method | Glacage

Bring sugar to caramel, add hot cream divided into small portions, cook till caramel is melted. Put sieved cocoa powder and butter, cook 5 more minutes. Place soaked gelatin, mix and pass through chinois.