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Roulade of Scottish Salmon | Avocado Mousse | Lemon Verbena

Sandy Bohm Simply Recipes

Ingredients | Scottish Salmon

1 side of Scottish wild salmon

1kg salt

1kg sugar

1 bunch of dill

1 bunch of parsley

Lemon zest of 5 lemon

Orange zest of 5 oranges

Smoked salmon

Ingredients | Avocado Mousse

2 avocados

Peanut oil

Lemon juice

Salt sugar

Ingredients | Lemon Verbena

10 lemon for lemon zest

200ml olive oil

100g icing sugar


For the salmon take the salmon side and cut the skin off. Also remove the grey meat until you have a nice orange side of salmon. Afterwards mix the sugar and the salt and use a big tray. Put around 1kg of the salt-sugar mix on the grill. Put some dill along with some orange and lemon zest on top. Place the salmon side on top and on top of the salmon you put again some dill along with orange and lemon zest. Cover it then with the rest of the sugar-salt mix. Put it in the fridge for 90 minutes. Afterwards take the salmon out, remove everything and dry the salmon with a kitchen towel. 

Chop the bunch of dill and parsley very fine and lay it in the skin side of the salmon so the whole salmon is covered. Then take 3 layers of clean film, roll the salmon inside so you get a roulade. Heat up 10l of water to 72 degrees and put the roulade inside. Put some weight on top of the roulade so it stays under water. Keep it in the water until it is cooled down.

Put all the mentioned ingredients for the avocado mousse together and blend them in a bar blender until it is smooth.

For the lemon varbina take the zest of 10 lemons, place them in a pan. Add the sugar so it becomes icing sugar. Cover it with olive oil and put in a warm place with 60 to 80 degrees and keep it for 1 day. When the salmon is ready and take it out of the clean film and roll it into long smoked salmon slices. Use chiso cress for decoration and see the picture for the way to serve it