Sandy Bohm | Art and Soul

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Russian Buffet

Sandy Bohm Russian Buffet
Sandy Bohm Afternoon Tea 2020

The Buffet

Soft drinks

Cranberry mors / Black currant mors / Kvass

Alcoholic drinks

Cedar vodka / Cranberry vodka / Horseradish vodka


Assorted meat cuts

Pork leg in jelly, Traditional chicken galantine with spring peas and chicken roulade with pistachio, cold smoked sausage / Whole baked duck with apples / Pork loin with young carrot

Assorted fish cuts

Stuffed jackfish with marked vegetables / Selection of butterfish, halibut and salmon / Roulade of Pikeperch and salmon / Sprats on toasted Borodinsky bread / Marinade mackerel with spring onion / Caviar and herring station with dill potatoes / Selection of traditional Russian pickles

Assorted fresh garden vegetables with herbs

From the salad bar

Chicken Olivie, cooked beet root with walnuts and prunes, Salmon Mimosa / Traditional shuba salad with herring / Stuffed turkey rolls with soft cheese / Tomatoes with cranberries cheese

Bread Station

Borodinsky, Ukrainian, Bird-cherry and Country bread


Chi / Okroshka

Live station

Honey backed pork leg with pommery beer sauce / Country style pelmeni / Blinis and homemade jam and preserves / Traditional beef stroganoff / Homemade Ukrainian sausages / Salmon coulibiac / Sea food coquille / Creamed braised button mushrooms

Side orders

Potatoes and mushrooms zrazy / Vegetable rolls Goloubtsy / Grilled and steamed vegetables from the marked / Baked potato / Rice

Dessert Station

Apple sambuca in shots / Russian Peaches / Caramelized milk waffle rolls with crashed nuts / Napoleon mini cake / Kievsky mini cake / Birds milk mini cake / Stub and mushroom cake / Quark biscuit rolls / Apple pie and Berry pie / Assorted pirozhki with meat, mushrooms and cabbage


Sandy Bohm Russian Buffet
Sandy Bohm Russian Buffet
Sandy Bohm Russian Buffet
Sandy Bohm Russian Buffet
Sandy Bohm Russian Buffet