Strawberry Champagne Soup | Pan Fried Scallops

Ingredients | Champagne Soup

1,2 kg quartered strawberries

250ml sugar syrup

2g salt

1 bottle champagne

5g vanilla essence

10 scallops

Salt and pepper

Olive oil

Sandy Bohm Strawberry Champagne soup with pan fried scallops

Method | Champagne Soup

To start with put the strawberries in a bar blender. Afterwards add around 100ml sugar syrup, 2g salt, the vanilla essence and ca. 200ml of champagne and blend it all together. Put it in the fridge and shortly before you serve it add the rest of the sugar syrup and the remaining champagne.

To fry the scallops use a non-sticking pan. Fry the scallops in a little bit of olive oil until they are golden brown and then turn them around. Season them up to your taste.