Vacharin Cheese Fondue

Sandy Bohm Vacharin Cheese Fondue

Ingredients | Cheese Fondue

3 garlic clove, smashed

500g grated Gruyere cheese

500g grated Appenzeller cheese

500g grated Vacherin cheese

500ml cooking white wine

60ml cherry brandy

100g cornstarch

1 teaspoon lemon juice

freshly ground white pepper

1 long baguette, diced

Method | Cheese Fondue

Rub the fondue pot with the cloves of garlic and leave them inside. Add the white wine and bring it to the boil. Afterwards add slowly the mixed cheeses and stir them around so the cheese slowly melts.

Reduce the heat. When all the cheese is melted and it slowly starts cooking add the cornstarch, mixed with water. Add it with the spoon bit for bit until it gets slightly thick. Add the cherry brandy and season it with fresh pepper. Ready to serve.